Services + Rates

I specialise in writing blogs and articles on content creation and digital marketing that will improve your online presence, get you leads and create brand loyalty for your company’s website.

  • Blog/Article Writing – Research, planning and creation of professionally written blog/article to boost engagement and build leads through trust and conversion. Businesses with blogs generate up to 126% more leads than those without.

Per Word – £0.09 per word

Day Rate – £159 per Day


  • Landing Page Content – Specially crafted landing page content to convert your site visitors into valuable customers/clients. Long form landing pages generate around 220% more leads than landing pages with an above-the-fold call to action.

Per Page – £99


  • SEO Blog/Article Writing – High quality blog research and writing optimised using up to 4 SEO keywords or phrases (keyword research provided by client). Optimised blog posts will help your site rank higher on SERPs and have proven to be 5X more effective than PPC, long term.

Per Word – £0.12 per word

Day Rate – £199


  • Long Form Articles/Reports – (2500 words and over) for technical reports, white-papers and reviews. Research shows that articles and blogs that get the most social shares tend to be at least 3000 words long.

Per Word – £0.09 per word

Day Rate – £149 per Day


  • Feature Writing – Feature articles on specific topics or products. Ideal if you’re looking to populate a newly created site with quality content.

Per Word – £0.09 per word

Day Rate – £199 per Day


  • Proofreading and Copyediting – Multiple stage proofreading and in depth copyediting.

Per 500 Words – £49

Day Rate – £99


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