The Doors Group

As a copywriter for The Doors Group, I wrote for three brands. The flagship consumer brand: Value Doors UK, The fast growing garage door brand: Garolla Ltd, and Door Supermarket; the struggling secondary website that had been set up to cater to consumers who were willing to save money by fitting their door for themselves. I worked mostly on Door Supermarket, but as the primary copywriter I also wrote editorial, email copy, social copy, brochure copy and on-site content for the two other brands.

Door Supermarket


I was given brand management of Door Supermarket in February 2018, after months of flatlining SEO visibility metrics. I took on all social media platforms for the brand, as well as all blogging and on site content. I reviewed social strategy and SEO performance of site pages and blogs and began optimising them using Search Metrics Suite (The Doors Group’s chosen analytics software).

Here are the metrics for Door Supermarket. (I began work and on the website and blogs in early February 2018):

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 13.36.09
Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 13.36.32

Full Report Here

Search visibility rose by over 2000% less than 6 months after I implemented the new content strategy. Door Supermarket went from being the least SEO friendly site at The Doors Group to being the most, surpassing Value Doors in Search Visibility. It stayed this way for as long as I was there.


Blogs on Door Supermarket were SEO orientated, but it was still important for us to give our potential customers value in what they read. Here is a selection of some keyword based, yet informative, blogs.

Value Doors


When writing editorial for Value Doors, I liaised with journalists, over the phone and via email, to secure editorial in publications that we were advertising with.

In this particular case, I found that the publication often featured adverts and even editorial from other door companies. I took the decision to use our editorial to elevate us above the competition and away from harmful stereotypes that could lose the trust of our customers, by highlighting the difference between Value Doors and how other companies work.

(ED.)Make an entrance with Value Doors



When my manager suggested finding a freelancer to design the Garolla brochure, I put myself forward to write, design and compose it instead.

After working with the factory manager to get the right images of different parts and some extensive research, I had a draft of the brochure.

View it here: Garolla Brochure

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