Pedagogy Campaign – Satchel

In February 2020, I identified a keyword opportunity for the word ‘pedagogy’. After some research around this topic, and support from the marketing team, we decided on a content campaign that would educate teachers on the wider academics surrounding their work – the theory of learning, or Pedagogy.

Our target audience was the ordinary teacher. High workload, busy but passionate about their job and always willing to learn. Existing content about pedagogy was either overly dense and exhausting to read/watch, or left us with more questions than answers!

I decided that our approach should be make our content informative yet concise, with a much more fun and digestible tone than the current offerings. Using the pillar and cluster approach, I drew up a plan that consisted of an engaging explainer video pillar and 5 cluster blogs to delve deeper into different sections of the video.

You can read these blogs here.

What is Pedagogy



Social Constructivisim


I worked on the script with our video manager, providing the dialogue (yes even the cup with arms bit) and giving input on visual ideas. I made myself available during filming to ensure that the style and tone of the video matched our expectations.

Today this video has over 100k views, and the Behaviourism blog is consistently the most read, bringing in over a thousand readers each month.

This was my first start-to-finish campaign at Satchel, and I really enjoyed each step of the process. The wider team at Satchel provided invaluable support and guidance that really made this project a success (especially Jack’s performance as pedagogy know it all!)

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