I’m Ben.

I’m a copywriter, specialising in B2B tech.

Here is a massive picture of me thinking about B2B tech really, really hard:


Once I’ve done quite a lot of thinking about it, I usually write some really nice things about it. (if my english seems basic here, that’s because I’m not using my full vocabulary. Think I’m going to give you all my best vocab here? You’re wrong, dead wrong)

I’m currently a Writer at Fifty Five and Five, a B2B marketing agency based in London. If you’re a B2B business owner or marketing manager and you fancy working with me (very flattering), or a refreshingly different B2B agency full of talented people (more likely), then get in touch.

I’ve also written for  magazines like Sheffield City Mag and Singletrack Magazine and worked on copy and content writing in-house for companies like The Doors Group , and award-winning Edtech company, Satchel.

When I look back at each stage of my career so far, I see one common goal that runs throughout:

Telling better stories.

Let me help you tell yours.

Visit my portfolio for some examples of my work.