I’m Ben.

I’m a London-based writer and content marketer from Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

I became a published writer at 15 years old, when I wrote for an extreme sports magazine during my high school work experience week.

Since then I’ve continued to develop my writing at a number of publications, as a freelancer and with in-house marketing teams from Leeds to London.

Wait…what do I look like? 

Here I am in a desert:


(on the left)

So far I’ve written for  magazines like Sheffield City Mag and Singletrack Magazine and created a range of content for companies such as On the Hoof and The Doors Group and thethings.com.

I’m currently a Content Marketer for Satchel – an award winning education management software company. I write blogs, script videos, create helpful resources, research campaigns and craft copy for social ads, web pages and landing pages.

I graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a Bachelors degree in Journalism and since then have committed myself to learning new skills and continuing to develop the ones I already have, with one common goal:

Telling better stories.


Visit my portfolio for some examples of my work.